Technology Transfer


Our Core Business Purpose

The likelihood of success of a project is not only based on the benefits of the underlying process technology, but also the technology transfer capabilities and quality of technical services provided to ensure the integration of the technology into a site-specific location by the licensor throughout the life of the project.

Technology transfer and Process technology licensing is our core business purpose. The experience, knowledge and expertise we have accumulated over all our projects are built into the way we assist our Clients from the early stages of project development, starting from feasibility study, through the various stages of project implementation, and beyond plant acceptance.

The key goal of Chemtex is the successful transfer of the technology and to protect the loss of the IP for the licensor.

Chemtex Advantage

Chemtex has over 70 years of experience in setting up Polyester and other chemical plants all over the world based on a Technology Transfer model.

This Technology Transfer model includes partnering with a reputed technology supplier to provide Project Management, Complete Engineering and Equipment Supply based on proven technology.

Other project services such as technical assistance during plant erection and start up, process guarantees, etc. are also included in the scope of Chemtex.



Chemtex has built its entire 70+ years of history on its proven successful technology transfer model. This model over our history has verified our expertise in implementing numerous technologies globally from several licensors.

Several factors are key in making Chemtex a premier technology licensing partner

Bringing world class solutions to a global market, Chemtex acts as the interface between the Client and the Licensor

Utilizing our global procurement network to obtain high-quality equipment at attractive cost

Scale up of existing designs to obtain best possible economics on a per ton basis

Proven Business Model

100’s of Plants Built Successfully

Chemtex – Single Point Responsibility


Basic and Detailed Engineering


Process Critical Equipment + Procurement Support


Technical Services for erection and commissioning of the plant


Adherence to local operating practices


Client expectations


Localized supply of non-process-critical equipment


Capacity modification & scale-up

The most critical part to Chemtex and the Licensor under this model is IP protection and Chemtex has demonstrated success in this regard over the past 45 years using technology of major companies such as INVISTA / DuPont, ICI, etc.