Chemtex PET Background

Chemtex PET projects are based on Koch technology formerly owned by INVISTA. The Koch technology offers highly competitive Polyester polymer facilities with largest single line capacities that result in best capital and operating cost for the PET projects. A key area of expertise within Chemtex is to build Polyester plants for PET resin (Fiber Grade, Bottle Grade and other Chips). 

Chemtex has a long history of licensing PET plants with Koch Technology Solutions, formerly INVISTA, and its predecessor DuPont. The greatest contribution made by Chemtex and KTS to the global PET business is scale up of single line capacities, thereby reducing the unit manufacturing cost and significantly improving the project economics.

We have been the leader in development of large-scale PET plants in the world! We have done significant development work in order to enhance the value it offers to the customers. The value creation is achieved through a continuous development process that heavily relies on Industry needs, Project Location, Project Economics, and Systems Management.


45+ years of proven plant operating life


Over 25 million tons of annual capacity supplied to Clients worldwide


Largest single line capacity in the industry – 2,000 tons per day


230+ plant supplied over the past 50 years



CAPEX Benefit (per annual ton)

Single Line Capacity Upscale Since 1972

Variable OPEX Benefit (per annual ton)


Lowest CAPEX per ton at Competitive Asian Capacities

Largest Single Line Capacity

Lowest OPEX per ton Labor, Maintenance & Utilities

Minimal Mechanical Parts & Rotating Equipment

Over 10 years of operation without shutdown for reactor cleaning

Over 360 days of operation per year is the standard for Chemtex plants

CP Technology

Shortest residence time in CP – allows quick transition between product grades thereby reducing the off-grade material and facilitating large capacity lines

Highest product quality and optimum CEG / VEG balance for enhanced performance in downstream preform / bottle production

Highest productivity – most lines operate well over 10 years between shutdowns for quality reasons and cleaning. Mechanical cleaning is not required and chemical cleaning with hot MEG is sufficient.

No mechanical agitation in Pre-polymerization – eliminates EG vapor leaks, reduces maintenance cost and reduces energy consumption

Process halting possible without burning product

Uniform heating with HTM vapor – no hot spots and uniform temperature gradient due to condensing vapors

Demonstrated product acceptance globally including Americas, Asia and EMEA

SSP Technology Collaboration

Tight IV control

Excellent polymer color

Extremely low acetaldehyde content

No deformation of pellets (fluid beds and gravity flow)

Excellent de-dusting of the polymer in each process section

Narrow residence time distribution in process equipment

Advanced, catalytic gas cleaning system

High operational flexibility for different product grades

Process halting possible without sintering