Sustainability at Chemtex Global Corporation

At Chemtex Global Corporation, we believe that sustainable practices are not just an obligation, but additionally a significant opportunity to drive progress and innovation in our industry.

We are committed to integrating sustainability into every aspect of our operations, from our technology offerings to our business partnerships.

Sustainable Operations

Our deep understanding of sustainability, the processes we license allows us to efficiently manage effluent and emission streams for optimal treatment.

We are dedicated to the development of refined, scalable single stream processes that promote energy efficiency.

Our processes are specifically designed to minimize energy consumption per unit of production, contributing to a lower environmental impact.

Furthermore, our commitment to compact and vertically focused infrastructure minimizes land requirement and disturbance, reinforcing our dedication to the responsible use of resources.

We strive to forge partnerships with sustainable technology suppliers, leveraging the latest and most efficient technologies and equipment to build modern, eco-conscious plants.

Our core business in PET, one of the most recyclable plastics, and our expansion into rPET, exemplify this commitment.

By working closely with recycling technologies, we are actively generating solutions that divert plastic waste materials away from landfills.

Moreover, we continually explore and promote a range of recycling options for PET and bio-based alternatives to traditional petroleum-based feedstocks in our other technology offerings, ensuring that our clients always have access to the latest, greenest technology offerings.

Our sustainable practices extends beyond our operations and technologies. We aim to serve as a proactive partner in the global green initiatives within our industry.

While we continue to build on our sustainability efforts, our goal remains unchanged: to promote a greener, more sustainable future by offering effective, efficient, and environmentally conscious solutions to our clients worldwide.

To learn more about our commitment to sustainability and how our solutions can help drive your sustainability goals, please contact us today.