Global Sourcing

Chemtex uses a comprehensive approach to source equipment, bulk materials, fabrication services, and spare parts globally. Our procurement expertise comprises a wide range of equipment for our different technology options. We leverage our purchasing centers located in the US, India, and China to provide our customers with the most competitive overall cost solution through global vendors, without compromising on the standards of equipment quality and integrity.

Chemtex’s global procurement strategy ensures superior equipment, materials, and spare parts procurement at the most competitive pricing.

Chemtex Procurement Goals

The main goal of the procurement group is to ensure that the equipment and materials required for the project are purchased, manufactured, inspected, expedited and delivered to the construction site within the agreed upon schedule and with highest quality.

The Chemtex technical group is responsible to provide technical support to procurement to assure the equipment and materials purchased meet the specifications and inspection is done in a satisfactory manner.


Reduce cost of Capital investment
Shorten plant completion cycle
Maintain quality and safety standards
Contribute to clients global competitiveness
Protect and enhance proprietary know-how
Place minimum burdens on client resources

Projects consist of 3 major classes of equipment & materials

Critical / Proprietary Equipment and Instruments CF21228-Finisher-Lifting
Critical / Proprietary Equipment and Instruments That are Fabricated in Accordance with Licensor
and Chemtex Designs
Commercially Available Equipment Purchased Pumps Image
Commercially Available Equipment Purchased to Meet Project Specifications
Bulk Materials Piping Image
Bulk Materials such as Piping, Cable Trays, etc.