Feasibility & FEED Studies

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Our Goals

Chemtex is committed to providing a comprehensive suite of services that Clients can rely on. Our Feasibility & FEED Studies are designed to mitigate risks, avoid costly mistakes, and validate the technical and economic viability of a project before significant investment is made.

At Chemtex Global Corporation, we provide consulting in the form of expert technical service and management advice. The scope of our consulting service covers: Feasibility Studies / Project-Development planning / Technology evaluation / Risk Management assessment / Design verification / Construction verification.

Our in-house engineering department is staffed with experienced experts and engineers whose primary focus is to ensure the business goals of our Clients and meet our Clients’ strategic objectives in a safe, timely, and cost-effective manner. Chemtex offers a comprehensive range of engineering and design services including conceptual, process, basic, and detailed design packages. Our design practice engages all of a project’s multidisciplinary team members in the project development.

We understand the critical importance of conducting thorough Feasibility Studies before initiating a project. Feasibility Studies service is an integral part of our technology offerings. We are thorough and customized to address the specific requirements of each Client. Our primary goal is to provide our Clients with comprehensive, detailed, and accurate Feasibility Studies to ensure the success of their projects.

What we cover:


Best Proposed Plant Configuration

We analyze your project needs to determine the most efficient layout and operation setup, tailored to meet your specific objectives.

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Basis of Design

Our expert team formulates a solid design foundation, ensuring clarity and precision that can guide your project from conceptualization to implementation.


Raw Materials and Typical Consumption

Through careful evaluation of project requirements, we provide a detailed breakdown of raw materials needed along with estimates of typical consumption rates, thus facilitating effective resource planning.


Product Specifications

We set out the potential product specifications that the proposed plant setup can achieve, enabling clarity on the output quality and standards.


Equipment Involved

We provide a comprehensive list of all necessary equipment, detailing their functionality and role within the plant operations.

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Utilities Required

Our studies identify all necessary utilities for optimal plant operation, helping you prepare for the infrastructural needs of the project.

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Best Location and Plot Plan Configurations

We present strategic recommendations for plant location and plot plan configurations, considering factors such as raw material sourcing, market access, and environmental impact.


Staffing Configurations

Based on the plant’s operational needs, we can propose optimal staffing configurations.


Commercial Estimates

Our team delivers detailed estimates of the commercial aspects of the project, helping you make informed financial decisions and plan for future profitability.


Project Implementation Schedule

We outline a comprehensive, achievable timeline for project implementation, enabling a smooth and timely transition from planning to execution.


Effluent Emissions and Waste Summaries

We provide an analysis of expected effluent emissions and waste production, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and sustainability goals.


Storage Requirements

We detail the storage requirements for raw materials, finished products, and waste, taking into account safety regulations and efficient use of space.


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