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Liquefied Natural Gas and Cryogenic Storage Tanks

We provide the best solution for your Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project. Chemtex has pioneered the portable pipeline of natural gas (LNG) followed by distribution for various end users including vehicle LNG fueling stations, power plants and residential use.

LNG Offerings:


Pre-treatment of natural gas




LNG storage including cryogenic loading systems



Liquefaction is the process of cooling down natural gas from ambient temps to its liquid temp of -260 degrees F. Natural Gas is liquefied for transportation purposes when a pipeline is not available. The volume of natural gas in its liquid state is about 600 times smaller than its volume in its gaseous state and in its liquid form allows for more economic and practical storage. It is also easer to transport over great distances.

Natural gas is typically transported in liquid form when vast distances, geological conditions or political issues do not allow for the construction of pipelines. Chemtex has many years of experience in LNG process technologies.

Chart IPSMR Process: Evolution of Basic SMR



  • Eliminate Liquid Pump System Complexity
  • Stages of separation in the MR mixture at various stages in compression
  • 4 cooling levels
  • Cold Box integration of vessels and other cold components
  • Train Size to match driver power
  • Flexible diver
    • Collaborate with multiple suppliers
    • Electric motor options from multiple vendors up to 75 MW


  • ~10% more efficient than Gen 1 SMR
  • Max size ~ 2 MTA
    • Based on typical structural designs
    • Normal BAHX Battery Arrangement (4×2)
  • Approx, same efficiency as APCI C3-MR
    • Fewer Drivers
    • Less plot space: ~20%

Working closely with our partners, we are able to offer total EPC single-window solution to develop projects, including pre-feasibility studies, licensing, basic and detailed engineering, procurement, construction, training, plant commission, startup, performance guarantees and warranties.

Chemtex has delivered and commissioned twenty-four LNG plants in mainland China.

The use of high efficiency refrigeration compressors, heat exchange equipment, and the practice of continuous engineering improvements lower resource demand and maximize efficiency.

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We offer LNG Storage tanks ranging in capacity from 10,000 to 60,000 m3, including LNG send out, cryogenic loading and re-gasification. Catering to various client needs, we offer site specific designs such as single, double or full containment.



Single refrigeration system needs minimum number of equipment items and has a simplified control system



Permits variation in feed gas composition and conditions, as well as LNG product


Easy Operation

Allows for rapid startup and shutdown and has minimum downtime



Proven operation needs fewer operating personnel


Years of experience with mid scale LNG liquefaction, Flue Gas Treatment, Sulfur recovery


The use of high efficiency equipment items and the practice of continuous engineering improvement reduces resource demands


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